VIDEO: TaxPayers’ Alliance challenged in Parliament on funding hypocrisy

Labour MP Stephen Doughty quizzes TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive Jonathan Isaby on the organisation’s lack of funding transparency. Doughty cited Who Funds You’s rock-bottom rating of the TPA during the Parliamentary Trade Union Bill Committee, 13/10/2015.

Doughty said: “You spoke a minute ago about transparency in political funding—the funding that unions give for political causes and so on. Given that you speak out on those issues, would your organisation like to be subject to the rules that the Bill will impose?

“I have been looking at a very interesting website called Who Funds You?, which basically says that the TaxPayers Alliance does not display funding information on its website, does not name its organisational funders, does not declare amounts given by organisational funders, does not name individual funders and does not declare amounts given by individual funders.

“Why is it one rule for you and one rule for trade unions?”